The estate ‘Vechtoever’ dates back to the 17th century and is situated in the magnificent (well sought after) residential ‘Vecht’ area in the outskirts of Maarssen and near the villages Breukelen and Loenen aan de Vecht.

For your information…’the Vecht’ is a well-known picturesque river in the Rhine Delta and connects the Rhine via Utrecht to the IJsselmeer, an inland sea in Holland close to Amsterdam. In the 17th century wealthy merchants from Amsterdam built stately homes along the river, which they used as occasional residence.

Already as far back as 1628, the mansion was mentioned in a transaction of Joan Huydecoper (at that time mayor of Amsterdam and Knight of Maarssenveen). At that time the estate was known as ‘Den Oever’ but it was renamed in 1751 in ‘Vechtoever’.

Towards the end of the 18th century the owner (Gerardus Lambertus Dommer) intended to build a chapel to the house and even applied permission of the Pope. In 1997 the permission was granted and the chapel was built.

A well-known inhabitant was Maria Dommer, who lived there until 1840. She also obtained ‘Endelhoven’ a nursing home for old-aged ladies. Also ‘Vechtoever’ was transformed for that same purpose.

From 1911 until 1986 the mansion was used by the organisations of ‘the White Cross and A.G.O.’.

As from 1986 the house and its gardens were extensively renovated and again made suitable for private use.

Nowadays ‘Vechtoever’ is a very well maintained, extraordinary family property.

Situated in the village of Maarssen along the Diependaalsedijk at number 33, it has an entrance both at the Diependaalsedijk and directly from the Vecht, provided with a private jetty. The estate is situated in a green belt of Maarssen, together with other mansions, such as ‘Goudenstein’ (the town-hall) and ‘Doornburgh’.


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