The 17th century gardens of ‘Vechtoever’ can be considered paradise and round about 1800 the English country garden style was introduced. A large pond was created with ’natural flowing streams’. In 1989 gardens, pond and park area were fully rehabilitated in accordance with views of ir. D. Haver-Droeze.


The private gardens of approximately 3.5 ha are planted with a large variety of trees and bushes, vegetables and flower gardens and also include bridges, an orchard and a private jetty. The stately driveway is very impressive, however the tea parlour is a real gem!


The tea parlour of ‘Vechtoever’ (constructed in classicistic style) is one of the prettiest in the area and has more the shape of a little tea temple. It dates back from 1760 and the roof is supported by 6 Corinthian columns. It is decorated with 6 carved masks, showing ‘spring, ‘summer’, ‘autumn’, ‘winter’, 'the sun' and 'the moon'. The parlour overlooks the river and flower garden and was fully restored in 1987-1988.


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